Intensive Couples Sessions

You and your partner have noticed your conflicts and issues growing, but you both have busy schedules that prevent you from committing to once a week couples therapy. It can be easy to be consumed by busy work schedules or childcare, all while your relationship continues to take hits to its foundation.

I offer 3-hour intensive sessions for couples to jump right in to the work, dive deep in to rebuilding connections, and work on communication and conflict resolution skills. In order to get a sense of what I’m working with I will speak with you each individually for a phone consultation prior to our intensive session.  We will then meet for the intensive session to jump in to the work, and you will leave with exercises to continue the work outside of session.

While weekly couples therapy is best for sustained change, I wanted to make myself accessible to those whose busy schedules don’t allow for that commitment. At the end of the intensive session we will discuss follow up check-in sessions, as well as identify further goals to help continue the work.

Contact me for more information on these intensive sessions.

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