Couples Therapy


Premarital Counseling

Congratulations! You’ve made the big decision. You and your partner decided to take your next big step and get married. Couples often find themselves feeling a sense of increased stress among the wedding planning, fretting over the budget, and negotiating with family. Not to mention during all this you are still working on your relationship and improving your bond.

Couples often notice that this is the time they find out what type of “team” they are. Do you find that you both agree on everything in the wedding planning stages? Is one partner taking over while the other is off in the sidelines? Are there huge blow-out arguments over the budget or whether or not to invite that one grumpy Uncle that can’t ever be pleased? Premarital Therapy can help with using this stage in your relationship to deepen your intimacy and improve communication skills.

Key Issues in Premarital Counseling:

  • Money

  • Sex and Sexuality

  • Relationship Structure

  • Family Structure

  • Trauma

  • Division of household chores

Premarital Therapy is a great place to have conversations that can be difficult yet important.

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Monogamy isn’t for everyone, and neither is non-monogamy. Before opening a relationship it is an important first step to evaluate if this is a path for you. Therapy can help you understand yourself and your relationship to identify your values and needs.

If you’ve already decided to open your relationship, that’s great! Therapy can be a place to help you and your partner(s) work through the transition towards non-monogamy. In therapy, you and your partner(s) can work through identifying ground rules, creating your relationship structure that meets your needs, and improving your communication and conflict resolution skills.

My office accommodates up to four people if you would like to bring in your partners.

Key issues in Open Relationships:

  • Communication

  • Agreed upon rules

  • Jealousy & Compersion

  • Trust & Safety

  • Increasing Intimacy

  • Coming out to family

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Intensive Couples Therapy

You and your partner have noticed your conflicts and issues growing, but you both have busy schedules that prevent you from committing to once a week couples therapy. It can be easy to be consumed by busy work schedules or childcare, all while your relationship continues to take hits to its foundation.

I offer 3-hour intensive sessions for couples to jump right in to the work, dive deep in to rebuilding connections, and work on communication and conflict resolution skills. In order to get a sense of what I’m working with I will meet with you each individually for a 50 minute assessment prior to our intensive session.  We will then meet for the intensive session to jump in to the work, and you will leave with exercises to continue the work outside of session.

While weekly couples therapy is best for sustained change, I wanted to make myself accessible to those whose busy schedules don’t allow for that commitment. At the end of the intensive session we will discuss follow up check-in sessions, as well as identify further goals to help continue the work.

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